Our Expertise

SYSTRA is a UK market leader in the development, implementation and evaluation of programmes to increase use of active and sustainable travel choices.

We know how to maximise results from 'smarter choices' interventions. We combine skills from behavioural psychology, social marketing and data analysis with our experience of engaging with tens of thousands of individuals to devise and deliver programmes that actually change behaviours.

We have a long track record in employer travel planning, from helping businesses to develop their travel plans, through to devising and delivering implementation plans and providing Travel Plan Co-ordinators.

We are one of the leading deliverers of social marketing campaigns to change travel choices.  We use face-to-face, mass media and social media communication techniques to reach out to people, and have well-honed mechanisms to identify the messages that are most likely to engender change.

We have an extensive portfolio of methods for engaging school children, from travel-to-school challenges, to extra-curricular and classroom based activities.

We routinely monitor our programmes to demonstrate their impact and benefits.