Our Expertise

SYSTRA has a dedicated aviation and airports team who have worked with governments, NGOs and operators to prepare air passenger forecasts for airports across the globe. These forecasts have been used to inform the long term planning of major hub airports, to analyse competition in aviation markets and to facilitate the design of aviation facilities.

We offer unrivalled experience in modelling policy-sensitive aviation forecasts, and are acknowledged as global leaders in analysing the environmental impacts of aviation as well as the associated economic effects.

Surface access is crucial to the efficient operation of airports. SYSTRA has partnered with major airports to analyse their existing surface access arrangements, forecast future surface access demand and to propose enhancements to their surface access networks and services.

SYSTRA works with airport planners, architects and engineers to design passenger and cargo terminals, supporting ground transport facilities, road networks and pedestrian linkages and to ensure that these meet the expectations of future users.

SYSTRA supports airport operators in maximising their non-aeronautical revenues, for example through airport property development. We also assist airports in developing sustainable travel plans for their workforce.

For more information on SYSTRA’s global aviation offer visit our international website.