Our Expertise

Determining the feasibility of a site is an essential component to successful development.   Early investigation of the key risks and constraints is an essential element of building confidence around development opportunities.

SYSTRA are able to assess the suitability of a given site for a whole range of development land uses. The feasibility assessments encompass a range of factors which help clients determine the suitability of a given site. Considerations such as the availability of a suitable means of access, flood risk, drainage strategy and traffic impact can be examined in detail in order to support pre-planning application advice. Utility assessments both in respect of the diversion of existing services and in relation to the provision of new services can be assessed and initial cost estimates prepared to help inform the client as to the viability of the chosen site. Desktop reviews of baseline information such as topographical survey data, utility plans, ground investigation and 3rd party land requirements can be used in the preparation of a fact report which can be used by the client to inform their decision making process.