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SYSTRA appoints Transport Economist Mark Wardman

Mark has over 30-years' experience in transport research, and recently joined SYSTRA from the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, where he was the Director of Research. Over the past 15 years, he has made a name for himself internationally having pioneered Stated Preference techniques and conducted major reviews and meta-analyses of values of time, demand elasticities and noise valuations.

Mark is an economist and has undertaken several high profile 'value of time' and demand elasticity studies for the Department for Transport and has advised rail operators on demand forecasting. At SYSTRA he will continue to develop his demand forecasting expertise, especially in the field of econometric analysis, where for many years he has conducted numerous novel applications to challenging transport problems.

Mark is currently supporting SYSTRA's work on fares and ticketing modelling for Transport for Greater Manchester, Railway Rolling Stock Valuations and conditional fare elasticities for ATOC, and the effects of external factors on rail demand for DfT.

If you would like more information about Mark, please contact Duncan Irons 07801 301259.