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The original version of this article featured in the October 2018 edition of Rail Engineer

By Boris Johansson, Toby Cuthbertson and Duncan Irons, SYSTRA

The future, as the saying goes, is not what it used to be. The old certainties that have guided transport planning for the last thirty years or more have been rapidly worn away by changing political priorities, technological developments and consumer trends leaving the forecaster with less and less solid ground to stand on. There has never been a crystal ball, but today it can seem more like gazing into a brick wall. So, what is to be done?

This article first appeared in Prospect’s supplement The Future of Transport.

Annual figures from the Office of Rail and Road illustrate the nation’s reliance on rail, with 1.7 billion journeys made last year – more than double the annual total in the mid 1990s.

The article below was first published in the 1 August edition of Rail Magazine

When one thinks of improvements to the pedestrian environment, images of public realm enhancements to footways and crossing points are often what comes to mind. However, there is an important element of the pedestrian environment that is often overlooked, that of routes and circulation corridors within stations.

This Latest Thinking article is a summary of Tim Steiner’s Social Marketing Masterclass session at the 2018 Cycle City, Active City conference.

This article summarises the presentation given by David Connolly at Modelling World on 6 June 2018.

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