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Easter Bush

For decades, work meant that part of the day from 9 to 5 spent in an office, industry, school, or any other place. Bottomline, it was those hours when people needed to be somewhere to perform their job, usually at the same time. And because of that, trips to and from work were slow and long on congested roads and crowded buses and trains.

This article appeared in the March edition of Rail Professional, 2016

An innovative concession model is driving new ideas on France’s South East Atlantic high-speed line. Are there lessons for the UK here, asks Steve Higham, SYSTRA UK’s engineering business director.

Integrated transport

Two months ago, in December of last year, the 196 countries attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Paris came to an historic agreement that could have the most profound repercussions for the future of the world. 

Bike infrastructure

There is an online comic character called Yehuda Moon who, whilst running a bike shop, dispenses homespun advice on all things to do with utility cycling. In one story Yehuda has been recruited to help paint a coloured bike lane on the road outside his shop. He returns to his shop later having painted the whole of the street the colour of a bike lane... “well, you asked for a decent bike lane”.

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