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Microsimulation is what many people (consultants, clients and stakeholders) now expect when they talk about traffic modelling.

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Mobility as a Service is as much of a buzz-phrase in the transport world as driverless cars. My colleague Martin Higgitt rightly notes that with the great opportunities of MaaS comes risk. It is not just transport authorities that need to understand how MaaS fits into their vision of the transport future; companies across all transport sectors risk their competitive advantage and customer relationships being disrupted by the power of technology offering customers whole mobility solutions.

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Although British rail services are statistically punctual, the day-to-day reality of passengers is quite different. Network Rail reports that the Public Performance Measure (PPM), which shows the percentage of trains which arrive at their terminating station on time, is 87.4%. However, there is a catch: the definition of punctuality is very lenient when compared to other countries.

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It is almost exactly a year ago that the Urban Transport Group (formerly the Passenger Transport Executive Group, pteg), launched a report by (JMP) SYSTRA about regional railways in Britain.

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A couple of weeks ago, when the Ashley Madison data hack was revealed, I felt cold shivers of fear run down my spine, although not for the reasons you may be thinking. 

Perhaps I should remind some of you that Ashley Madison is the world’s largest online site for adultery. Or at least it was until hackers managed to breach the company’s digital security and obtain the names and addresses of all the people who held accounts there and proceeded to publish them on the shadowy ‘Dark Web’.

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Having spent a gloriously warm sunny September day travelling around on rural bus services in Powys and Monmouthshire, I was reminded what a wonderful way it is to appreciate the beauty of the countryside. I was also reminded how much I was in a minority of actually paying a fare, surrounded by many older people enjoying the benefits of free travel. I hope the facility is still around when I reach that age!

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Sales of EVs (full-electric and plug-in hybrids) are growing rapidly. In the UK there are now more than 80,000 plug-in electric cars and vans on the UK’s roads, with an increasing number of people prepared to make the change. Policy agendas to fully decarbonise transport by 2050, together with ongoing focus on climate change and air quality, continue to drive forward research, innovation and investment in the development and uptake of these new vehicle technologies.

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