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This article is a synopsis of a presentation by Pamela Gidney & Gary Cummins at the Walking, Cycling, Connecting Communities Active Travel conference on 30 May 2018.

This article first appeared in edition 852 of Rail magazine, 9 May 2018.

This article describes SYSTRA’s work for the Committee for Climate Change on “Plugging the Gap” in Britain’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network. It also suggests some of the wider uses for the tools developed by SYSTRA to facilitate the roll-out of EV chargers, such as developing and evidencing local and regional EV strategies, and analysing key long-distance transport corridors.

SYSTRA’s Technical Head of Systems and Signalling DOMINIC TAYLOR talks to PAUL STEPHEN about the hidden challenges of railway data management

This article was first published in the 14 March 2018 edition of Rail Magazine

This article was first published in the March 2018 edition of Tramways & Urban Transit magazine

SYSTRA is delighted to be headline sponsor of the Act TravelWise Annual Conference “Forward Thinking, Future Planning” in Birmingham on 25 January 2018. We look forward to welcoming friends, colleagues and clients to what promises to be an exciting conference. The conference provides all of us in the industry with a great platform to discuss how we adopt innovative and deliverable plans to meet the accessibility needs of the future.

The article below was first published in the 22 November edition of Rail Magazine

With big ambitions in the UK, SYSTRA is a global leader with a difference when it comes to rail, says Deputy CTO and Technical Production Director HENRI VERGNAUX

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