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As 2017 draws to a close, it is natural to pause and review what the year has provided. Great change within SYSTRA is part of the answer, as we delivered the integration of staff from both JMP and SIAS into the business. This provided us with some challenges along the way, but has resulted in a huge UK- and Ireland-based team of nearly 400 transport specialists. The dedication of SYSTRA’s staff to meeting our clients’ needs, and their passion for delivering an inclusive and sustainable transport system, continues to inspire me and my colleagues on the management team, and I thank them for their on-going efforts and commitment.

Some of our colleagues have left us during the year; all are missed and I wish each of them well. But we are joined by many new faces too, and they are already helping to shape our business as we seek to respond to an ever-changing market place.

But in particular I am grateful to all our clients and partners, for projects large or small. Without the opportunities you provide us, we have no business and no opportunities to work on those transport issues we all enjoy.

I wish everyone that has supported SYSTRA this year all the best for a happy Christmas, and look forward to continuing our journey in 2018.

Alan James

Managing Director, Consultancy, SYSTRA Ltd


This article featured originally within New London Architecture -

SYSTRA's Giulio Ferrini says that cycle-centric development has a big part to play in London's future

The article below was first published in the September edition of Local Transport Today.

Conventional smartcard ticketing overpromised but, with a few exceptions, has under-delivered, argues SYSTRA’s Ian Robinson. And he warns that we might be about to make the same mistake again with contactless payments

The article below was first published in the September edition of Local Transport Today

By using new tools, councils will be able to install electric vehicle chargers where demand is likely to be highest, SYSTRA’s David Connolly tells Deniz Huseyin

Continuing our preview of the UK’s largest transport conference, the Transport Practitioners Meeting in Nottingham, Jon Williams will be presenting his research into the sufficiency of the public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Jon is a graduate transport planner in the Reading office, and one of a number of SYSTRA’s young professionals showcasing their talent at this year’s conference.

As part of SYSTRA’s team at this year’s Transport Practitioners Meeting in Nottingham, Martin Parretti will be presenting an introduction to his ground breaking work on the analysis of pedestrian networks. Martin joined SYSTRA in August of 2016, after more than 10 years working as development lead at 

…Rather the Scottish Transport Applications Research (STAR) Conference which took place on 24th May and, in its thirteenth year, is now a well-established annual event for the diary of transport professionals across Scotland as well as further afield.

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