CIWM Waste Smart Advanced Level

This course is aimed at providing kowledge and understanding on reducing costs, aid compliance and improve management of wastes and increase sustainability performance


This course aims to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to:

  • Reduce costs and aid compliance by preventing wastes arising from workplace activities
  • Improve the management of wastes that are unavoidable
  • Increase the sustainability performance of your business

Who’s it for?

The advanced course is for anyone whose responsibility it is to manage waste as a resource and reduce waste, thereby saving money and resources whilst improving compliance.
As well as containing the same content as the Foundation certificate, the advanced course includes three additional sessions. Every organisation has a different way of dealing with their waste based on the type and amount that is produced, and the advanced option is aimed at delegates whose role deals predominately with the management of wastes within their business, and whose decisions have the ability to influence a significant level of change within company policy and routine.

Course Content

The course comprises of eight sessions including:

  • Waste as a resource and what is waste?
  • The environmental impact of waste
  • The cost of managing waste
  • Understanding and applying the waste hierarchy
  • Legislation and how to ensure compliance with the law
  • How to identify opportunities to reduce waste in the workplace
  • Managing resources and wastes in the workplace
  • How to demonstrate improvements

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, learners will have:

  • Knowledge to help you identify improvements in resource and waste management
  • Understanding of where and how to make those improvements
  • Skills to implement those improvements and demonstrate their impact to others
  • A certificate to demonstrate successful achievement of the course
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