SYSTRA: Traffic Emissions-Related Services


  1. predict the emissions impacts of measures designed to change the volume and speed of traffic and/or the underlying fleet mix;
  2. design, deliver, monitor and evaluate strategies and interventions which are designed to reduce the emissions of harmful pollutants, including NOX and particulate matter;
  3. understand the requirements and approach of the Joint Air Quality Unit (of DEFRA & DfT) to designing, delivering and monitoring local NO2 reduction plans, including Clean Air Zones.

Relevant Project Experience

Our experience includes:

JAQU-Funded NO2 Reduction Plans, 2017-present
SYSTRA are involved with four of the 1st wave and two of the 2nd wave of the recent JAQU-funded CAZ Feasibility Studies, providing modelling and appraisal support to predict the transportation and emissions-related impacts of a wide range of potential interventions, the design of awareness and behavioural change-related campaigns, preparation of the relevant Treasury 5-Case Model Business Cases and the preparation of a number of successful funding bids.

Modelling of the Wider Impacts of Air Quality Policy, DEFRA, 2014-15
SYSTRA provided transport emissions expertise on a multi-disciplinary research project to help DEFRA identify, understand, quantify and, where possible, monetise all of the relevant secondary impacts of measures designed to reduce transport-related emissions, with a particular focus on the main traffic-related pollutants (NO2 and particulate matter).

Dundee Seagate Modelling, Dundee City Council, 2015
SYSTRA developed a spreadsheet-based emissions forecasting tool to help develop solutions to air quality problems on Dundee’s Seagate. With a narrow urban canyon and a high proportion of bus flows in the street, the tool was able to make a reliable first-order estimates of the effects on NO2 and particulate emissions of different traffic management strategies, helping planners understand which options would meet relevant local air quality standards.

Emissions Strategy for Sheffield, Sheffield City Council, 2012-13
SYSTRA helped Sheffield City Council develop a low emission zone-based strategy to reduce transport-related emissions, with particular focus on NOX emissions which were contributing to high concentrations of NO2 at various locations in the city centre. The project also involved the development of a Low Emission Strategy Appraisal Tool which helped identify cost-effective approaches to reducing emissions.

Emissions Strategy for Abu Dhabi, Department for Transport, Abu Dhabi, 2011-12
SYSTRA developed a transport-related emissions strategy for the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, covering greenhouse gases (tailpipe and upstream) and ‘tail-pipe’ pollutants affecting air quality. The study aimed to help the Abu Dhabi Government meet their obligations to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases and air quality pollutants.

West London Freight Emissions, West London AQ Cluster, 2011
A project to estimate the emissions-related impacts of a range of different freight-related initiatives including freight consolidation centres, revised loading restrictions, HGV bans and improved freight signing in West London.

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