Research, Strategy Promotion and Consultation

Research, Strategy Promotion and Consultation

Travel and Attitudinal Research

In order to develop a robust Net Zero Carbon strategy a full understanding of how peoples travel habits and attitudes will change as a result of the plicies, initiative and measures being proposed is critical.

Whilst there is national guidance relating to how travel demand and attitudes will change as a result of the more common parameters, such as travel time and costs, there is less information relating to many of the broader measures and initiatives that could be incorporated into a Climate Emergency response.

Localised quantifiable research into people’s behavioural responses to these broader initiatives will increase the accuracy and robustness of their overall carbon implications and provide a greater certainty that the strategy will achieve its Net Carbon Zero objectives.

SYSTRA is at the forefront of travel and behavioural research and has been involved in the development of national guidelines based on this research. This has included research into:

  • passenger responses to public transport service, crowding and fare changes.
  • the implementation of Mobility as a service.
  • take up of electric vehicles.
  • attitudes towards air travel.
  • responses to sustainable travel campaigns and cycle and pedestrian infrastructure schemes.
  • ticketing initiatives.

Strategy Promotion, Marketing and Consultation

All Net Zero Carbon strategies will require an element of marketing and promotion to encourage people to engage in the strategy and therefore maximise the impacts of the initiative in achieving the Climate Emergency objectives.

This could involve direct initiatives to encourage the use of low/zero carbon travel modes such as Personalised travel planning and the promotion of electric vehicle take up and the provision of global information campaigns outlining the Climate Emergency context and the benefits of the Net Zero Carbon strategy.

Consultation on the strategy with stakeholders and the public will also be key to the successful implementation of a Net Zero Carbon strategy as it be essential to understand people’s reactions to the strategy and respond to any issues identified with the aim of archiving maximum acceptance and therefore backing.

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