Local and Strategic Highway

Local and Strategic Highway

Our Expertise

SYSTRA have considerable expertise in the development and application of a range of highway models. We work at the full range of geographic scales; some of our models examine individual junctions, others consider whole conurbations, regions, and even countries. These assessments are undertaken both as part of our wider multi-modal or stand-alone highway only applications.
We have a specialist expertise in connecting different modelling software within a multi-tier hierarchy to allow different levels of detail to be modelled within the same highway network ensuring powerful interactions are captured within appraisal.

Strategic Highway Modelling

SYSTRA utilise all of the main highway modelling software’s (Saturn, Visum, Cube) to develop and apply strategic models for urban areas, regions and whole countries in the UK and throughout the world. These high quality models are constructed to reflect the local network characteristics whilst adhering to transport modelling guidelines. Applications of these models includes:

  • Business Case and funding applications
  • Development and land use strategy appraisals
  • Scheme and strategy development
  • Air Quality and Carbon assessments.

Micro-simulation Modelling

SYSTRA has a large dedicated team of Micro-simulation modellers who have experience in the development and application of local models in all the core modelling platforms (Paramics, Vissim, Aimsum). We have inhouse software development capabilities through the Paramics development team who have the capability to refine the software to meet the needs of the client. Applications include:

  • Development Transport Assessments
  • Pedestrian, Cycle and landscaping schemes
  • Public transport network operations (bus and LRT)
  • Network congestion studies and strategy/scheme identification
  • Large intersection signal design e.g. MOVA

Junction Modelling

SYSTRA can undertake capacity assessments for single or groups of junctions using Micro-simulation or Junction based modelling software to aid the design of local enhancements for highway, active and public transport modes. Examples of these are:

  • Transport Assessment performance and mitigation
  • Bus Priority schemes
  • Active travel initiatives
  • City Centre Traffic Management
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