Conventional Rail

Conventional Rail

Our Expertise

SYSTRA has vast experience of designing and modernising conventional rail lines to increase line capacity and speed.

SYSTRA is helping develop, modernise and upgrade the UK’s rail network. We work on projects including the design and construction of new lines and expansion and improvement of existing ones. Our clients include Crossrail (working for the Crossrail Programme Delivery Partner) and Network Rail (including the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme).

We work at every stage of a project lifecycle; from feasibility and planning, through design, construction, testing and commissioning all the way to operation and maintenance. We assist project sponsors and participate in concession projects.

Our deep understanding and experience of conventional rail enables us to design lines at optimised cost, with operations and maintenance requirements factored into the design stage.

In the UK, our engineers have worked on many complex rail projects. We have multi-functional design capability, while our planners have developed business cases for new and enhanced routes and stations.

Where detailed design is required, our engineering team coordinates and manages SYSTRA’s production units in the UK and around the world to deliver the highest quality products in line with project programmes.

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