Our expertise

Although often combined with cycling schemes, SYSTRA recognises walking and accessible to all pedestrian experiences as key aspects of transport planning, in their own right. We are a market leader in the design, consultation, implementation and monitoring of a wide number of pedestrian-focused areas, from supporting School Streets closures to pedestrian modelling and our innovative walking network analysis tool.

Over the last decade, SYSTRA’s teams have delivered projects across the UK and Ireland to transform the pedestrian experience, delivering safer, more enjoyable walking schemes that have shifted people out of the cars to create lively neighbourhood centres, links between key destinations and leisure routes – these have led to placemaking, improved health outcomes and increased retail spend in local businesses, whilst also preventing community severance.

Our key offers in this area include the following:

  • School Streets – SYSTRA has worked with a large number of schools to plan, consult on and deliver school street closures to provide children safer access to school, whilst reducing emissions in the area outside of the school gates.
  • (LTNs) Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - in order to support the implementation of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, SYSTRA has assisted with a wide range of services, including analysis on vehicle displacement, signage and urban design, consultation and post-scheme evaluation and monitoring.
  • PERS (Pedestrian Environment Review System) – PERS audits conducted by SYSTRA staff have allowed local authorities to understand challenges in the connectivity and quality in their footways, with follow up work allowing the prioritisation and design of improvement schemes.
  • Public Realm Design & Implementation – SYSTRA has delivered design work to provide permeable public spaces, including station concourses and nearby open spaces, university campuses and town centres.
  • Pedestrian Modelling – using a range of pedestrian modelling software packages such as LEGION and VisWalk, SYSTRA has experience assessing station concourse redesigns, stadium access/egress during special events and airport security line arrangements to understand pedestrian flow implications.
  • Walking Network Analysis – Our innovative tool calculates ‘betweenness centrality’ to identify how many – of all possible walking routes within an area – each individual link contributes to.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – using a range of techniques to capture monitoring data, both quantitative and qualitative.
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