Specialist Services

Specialist Services

SYSTRA’s specialist services team provide a wide range of solutions for particular issues. Our consultants can provide comprehensive environmental services relating to air quality, modelling, monitoring and assessment of pollutants that affect health, populations and ecosystems. SYSTRA are enthusiastic about engineering acoustic environments and maintaining archaeological heritage assets, as well as assessing waste management and assisting in creating a sustainable future.

Our international acoustic design team provides services in transport and environmental acoustics. We help clients realise their ambitions in acoustics by completing projects from conception and planning through design, construction, testing and commissioning.

Air Quality
SYSTRA Air Quality consultants can provide comprehensive services relating to modelling, monitoring and assessment of air quality, covering a range of air pollutants that affect health and ecosystems, as well as dusts and odours that affect amenity.

Cultural Heritage
Working across the UK SYSTRA can provide advice and services to our clients across the entire the historic environment; in both built or cultural heritage, the setting of heritage assets, or archaeology. SYSTRA can provide services to cover all elements of cultural heritage including:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Feasibility and Scoping Assessments
  • Archaeological Desk-Based Assessments
  • Heritage Statements
  • Environmental Statement Chapters
  • Archaeological Constraint Mapping
  • Advice on Site Selection and Layout Design
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI)
  • Mitigation Management
  • Drafting and Agreement of Planning Conditions
  • Design and Management of Fieldwork to Discharge Conditions
  • Expert Witness and Public Inquiry Work

Material Assets and Waste
Our Environmental team have experience in and can cover all aspects that are included within the Design Manual for Road and Bridges (DMRB) Environmental assessment of Material Assets and Waste in the following elements:

  • a description of the project (including quantities and types of waste produced during the construction and operation phases);
  • a description of the likely significant effects of the project on the environment (including the disposal and recovery of waste);
  • the direct and indirect significant effects of a project (on material assets); and
  • the interaction (of material assets) with other factors.

Noise and Vibration
Our Noise and Vibration consultants provide design and assessment services to all aspects of the built environment. We are enthusiastic about engineering acoustic environments that improve the overall environment especially within transport and infrastructure design

Population and Human Health
Our Environmental team have experience in and can cover all aspects that are included within the Design Manual for Road and Bridges (DMRB) Environmental assessment of population and human health effects in the following elements:

1) land-use and accessibility including;

  • private property and housing;
  • community land and assets;
  • development land and businesses;
  • agricultural land holdings; and
  • walkers, cyclists and horse-riders (WCH).

2) human health including;

  • health profiles of affected communities;
  • health determinants (e.g noise or air pollution); and
  • likely health outcomes.

Stakeholder Engagement Supporting (Planning and Consents)
The Environmental team within Systra has experience of supporting the delivery and management of stakeholder and community engagement events for a wide variety of projects and developments. The Stakeholder engagement support team aims to attain community support to projects where possible, listening to the local stakeholder groups can make a substantial difference to the acceptability of your project and the prospect of gaining permissions.

Our consultants support, plan and deliver tailor-made community and stakeholder engagement programmes before submission of project applications.

We have experience in supporting the following services:

  • Planning and running public exhibitions, workshops and meetings
  • Presentations to stakeholders, all level of councils and their planning committees
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