Contaminated Land and Remediation

Contaminated Land and Remediation

SYSTRA focus on ensuring a smooth handover through the completion of contaminated land management, validating remediation works, and verifying construction works. We then capture any residual risks to ensure that they are passed on and understood by future stakeholders. Working alongside clients or the Principal Contractors, we offer closeout support through the following activities:

Generic and Detailed Quantitative Contaminated Land Risk Assessments
Following the management of land contamination framework we can undertake Phase 2 generic and detailed quantitative risk assessments for human health, controlled waters and ground gas to assess and address the potential unacceptable risks and constraints identified at the Phase 1 desk based preliminary risk assessment. We use the information collected from the geo-environmental site investigation to refine the areas of concern and using a tier assessment approach we will refine and evidence decision making on the potential risks to identify only those contamination risks that are considered to pose an unacceptable risk without intervention. Our geo-environmental engineers are trained and skilled in the use of industry standard software as decision making tools for estimating and evaluating the risks.

Geo-Environmental Site Investigations (including monitoring and sampling)
 We can support in the design and implementation of targeted site investigations based upon the identified risks highlighted by the stage 1 desk based preliminary risk assessments. We work alongside specialist ground investigation subcontractors to support in the development of the site investigation strategy to manage information needs around site constraints.  Our experience as a Principal Contractor enables SYSTRA to support the delivery of physical ground investigation works compliant with the CDM Regulations, including providing the Client with undertaking of the principal Contractor role especially where the physical works are being undertaken during feasibility and early design stages prior to civils construction works.

Material Management Plans (MMPs) 
The regeneration of sites often results in the excavation of soils and other demolition type waste materials that under waste legislation is considered waste and can be a significant cost to dispose off. At SYSTRA we have a track record of working alongside the civils designers, civils contractors and clients to identify and review opportunities for material re-use to reduce overall project costs. Through application of the CL:AIRE industry Code of Practice and the production of Material Management Plans we ensure this material remains outside of the waste  hierarchy avoiding environmental permitting and demonstrating certainty and suitability of re-use, and can support in the regulatory requirements for Qualified Person sign-off and submission and validation with the Environment Agency.

Preliminary Risk Assessments (PRA) and Due Diligence Reports
Regenerating industrial and brownfield sites can be extremely problematic; understanding legislative constraints on developing contaminated land can be key to a successful project. Through the completion of desk based preliminary risk assessments, site appraisals and environmental due diligence assessments we can help to identify potential unacceptable risks and constraints early within the project scheme to record risks, minimise costs and reduce project delays. The Phase 1 assessments is used to communicate these unacceptable risks to the differing project stakeholders and identify further works required to support in managing these risks following the Source Pathway Receptor Pollutant Linkage approach.

Regulatory support on planning permission, consents and permitting
 Planning conditions require a site not to pose a risk to the environment, human health or controlled waters. We use the data collected through ground investigation and monitoring to assess contamination risks and, if we identify significant risks, provide support on remedial and permitting requirements for the operation of the development. Working alongside SYSTRA environmental consenting team we can help lead you through the management of contaminated land aspects of the consents, including the management of the regulatory regime Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act.

Remediation options appraisal and Remedial Method Statements
Where unacceptable risks requiring intervention have been identified through the risk assessment process, we support our clients in identifying the feasible remediation options applicable to the problem at hand; and provide a detailed implementation strategy to support in regulatory communication and remediation contractor engagement. Through close engagement with specialist remediation contractors we ensure that the options are practicable and that cost and programme can be adequately incorporated in to the decision making as part of the appraisal. We also consider sustainability as a key factor in appraising remediation options utilising the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SuRF UK) framework.

Soil and groundwater remediation Design and management
Working alongside the client and their preferred remediation contractor we support in the design and implementation plan to ensure the goals of the remediation are met whilst also satisfying specific client requirements for the development and provide onsite technical supervision where necessary.

Validation / Verification Reporting 
As part of the statutory requirements for the management of land contamination, SYSTRA can support land development on brownfield sites through providing Phase 3 verification and validation reporting through setting out the verification plan and reporting on the performance of remedial works carried out. We can also support in the management of any monitoring or maintenance requirements to demonstrate the successful implementation of the remedial strategy.

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