Transport Assessments

Transport Assessments

Our Expertise

SYSTRA understands that transport issues are a critical component to the outcome of any successful planning application. We support ambitious schemes of all shapes and sizes that deliver a high-quality, integrated environment and a sense of place for land users, whilst offering multi-modal, convenient and sustainable choices in travel to and from the development.

Our vision is to transform the fabric of towns, cities and regions by ensuring smart transport planning enhances the lives of surrounding communities.

SYSTRA works with developers, investors, architects and Local Authorities to develop Transport Assessments, Transport Statements and Travel Plans in support of Planning Applications and to discharge planning conditions.

Every scheme is different and no one list of tasks could fully encompass a “generic” Transport Assessment. A list of the most common tasks encountered would include: stakeholder engagement; traffic flow analysis; junction design; network modelling; swept path analysis; travel planning; and Section 38 (Highway Adoption) and Section 278 (Highway Works) agreements.

SYSTRA also provides post-application support to ensure a smooth process from submission to determination. SYSTRA has experience in providing documentation to discharge planning conditions, such as a Delivery & Servicing Plan and a Construction Logistics Plan.

We work at the macro and micro scales to help plan and design accessible places, transforming land, streets, and open spaces and enhancing the local environment to create places people will want to visit and spend their time and money. By nature, our projects reduce the negative impacts arising from outdated transport infrastructure, promote day-to-day social interaction and provide a boost to local economies.

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