Construction Traffic Management

Construction Traffic Management


Whether it’s the excavation of a constrained basement or a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP), the impacts of construction can be considerable unless appropriately mitigated.

SYSTRA works with developers, contractors and Local Authorities to develop Construction Management and Logistics Plans (CMPs and CLPs) to support Planning Applications and discharge Planning Conditions. We have also led on Integrated Construction Management Plans incorporating an overarching framework for an area.

The work involves preparing engineering drawings to show vehicle routings, swept path analysis and hoarding locations, in addition to establishing mitigation measures and the communication strategy with key stakeholders. We consult with the Highway Authorities to obtain agreement to CMPs and CLPs, and to ensure all the legal documents in are place.

These often include works on the public highway (S278), Stopping Up Orders (S248/S247) and Temporary Access (S184 and Traffic Regulation Orders or TTROs for Temporary works). We also deal with licenses related to construction works for hoarding, scaffolding, skips and parking bay suspensions.

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