Webinar Series: The Road to Zero Carbon via COP26

Webinar Series: The Road to Zero Carbon via COP26

SYSTRA are developing a series of six monthly Webinars in the run up to Cop 26 covering the Climate Emergency and the route to Net Zero.

The next planned sessions (titles subject to change):

24th June 2021 - Achieving significant Transport behavioural change – ‘Carrots and Sticks’

See article on Transport XTra - Behaviour Change and Net Zero, where do we start?

Social change is critical to rapid decarbonisation, but can there really be a one-size-fits-all approach? How can we ensure that innovation in decarbonised transport is ready for all kinds of places – city and rural – and for different lifestyles, age groups and varying demographies?

Our speakers will explore the carrots and sticks available to us, now and in the future. Key issues include:

  • Understanding the true cost of transport: we spend huge sums on transport and travel, so how can these monies be targeted at net zero and healthy, safe and active travel?
  • Exploring the private car and its role in all our futures
  • Insights into how people wish to, and are able to, practice transport decarbonisation
  • Whether there is a case to introduce some form of national road pricing scheme
  • The technology possibilities and challenges of introducing such a scheme
  • The sorts of policy objectives that will get public support

The first event entitled “Carbon, Climate – What’s the Emergency?” took place on Thursday 15th April it introduced the Climate Emergency agenda covering:

  • What’s the issue and what do the guidelines say.
  • Approaches and barriers to achieving NET zero.
  • A panel discussion answering your Frequently Asked Questions including
  • Will the pandemic behavioural change help with achieving NET Zero Carbon?
  • Does Offsetting work?
  • Are electric vehicle the panacea to solve transport emissions?
  • Are Biodiversity and Climate change emergencies related?
  • How much can we change as individuals, organisations and local authorities?

See article on Transport XTra - Carbon Climate - What’s the Emergency?

20th May 2021 - Planning for 15 minute centres: land use, connectivity and accessibility
People need access, not transport – and that means access to educational, economic, social and cultural opportunities.

When designing neighbourhoods, the aspiration should be for everyone to live within a short walk, cycle or scoot of such amenities and all basic facilities, for example significant green space and a transport hub for onward connections, when and if required.

For decades, planning has been about mobility: helping people get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. It’s been about ‘how far you can go’ in a given amount of time, rather than ‘how much you can get to’ in that time.

We look forward to your attendance at these events and encourage participation through the messaging facility during the Webinar or through further post event feedback.

If you wish to find out more about SYSTRA’s capabilities in the Climate Emergency sector, please click the link below.


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