Euan Hillerby

What is your job title and department?

I am a Digital Engineering Technician Apprentice and I work in the Digital Engineering Team.

2. Why did you decide to pursue an apprenticeship at SYSTRA?

I started at the company in September 2019, but I also did an apprenticeship in Software Development prior to my current one. I wasn’t unfamiliar with apprenticeships at the point in which I started at the company, but I went down the path I’m on now in order to gain more experience in this field. Saying that, my skills have definitely carried over from my previous apprenticeship in Software Development.

I joined when the company was TSP, prior to SYSTRA acquiring it. It was a medium sized company and only UK based, but I was still interested in joining. I think at the time of applying, I saw some of the projects that the company had worked on and it looked really inviting to me, particularly because of the variety and nature of these projects. It really seemed like the best fit for me.

3. What is the best part of your apprenticeship?

The best part of my apprenticeship here at SYSTRA is the variety of work I get the opportunity to be involved with. Funnily enough I actually originally applied for a Civils role at the company, but I ended up in the Digital team instead. It’s been for the best as it’s allowed me to experience both programming and the digital engineering side of things, for example clash detection and BIM coordination - all sorts like that!

Doing my apprenticeship at SYSTRA has been so good, particularly in terms of personal development. I’ve been given a lot of opportunities in this respect, especially when it comes to learning new technologies. I also feel like I get a generous amount of time to dedicate to my development which is great. The resources I have available to me and the support I’ve received from managers, as well as colleagues, has been amazing.

Recently I also received an award from the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineering), the professional body for the qualification I’m doing. I won the ICE Technician Scholarship which will really boost my development and allow me to access a variety of communities such as GAST (Graduates, Apprentices Students and Technicians). Being a part of this group means we can learn from each other through working on activities together, whilst also being STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) ambassadors. Being recognised through winning this scholarship has been a big highlight of my time as an apprentice.

4. What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship?

It’s definitely an exciting path to choose. If you are considering doing an apprenticeship, you should thoroughly consider the field that you’re interested in. Make sure you’re really committed to, and excited by, that field of work as it can feel like a full-time job at times. Think about the role you’d be taking on and ensure it’s what you want. Sometimes before you get started it’s also a good idea to ask the company you’d be doing the apprenticeship with whether there is the potential for transferring internally and the timescales for any changes, just in case a situation arises where you might like to do that.

5. What project(s) are you working on currently and how are you going to #BuildTheFuture?

Right now I’m helping to develop an application called SafebyBIM which is really exciting stuff. It’s basically hazard management in a 3D model. Prior to this we used drawing sheets and Excel… it was quite an old-fashioned process really, so the goal is to modernise it. Using technology in this way is definitely where the future lies!

6. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I mainly enjoy playing the piano, but I’m also into programming and climbing - I have quite a diverse range of hobbies!

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