SYSTRA keeps the world moving through connecting people and places. By enabling mobility, our work strengthens communities, fosters economic prosperity and supports environmental improvement. With over 800 UK-based technical staff, we deliver engineering, consultancy and development services that enable the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. SYSTRA has been involved in UK mobility and mass transit schemes for 50 years. (...)


Smart Stations: Redefining Space to Create a Better Pedestrian Environment

A World Less Travelled

Covid-19 and the Built Environment

Life for buses after lockdown

COVID-19 and Rail Travel

Transport-related decision-making for a post-Covid19 world

Future-Proofing Our Railways

The future of transport appraisal

The recipe for a successful HIF Forward Fund application

Transport Needs for Future Generations

A day in the life of a SYSTRA apprentice - Jason Munslow

Deep Impact

Transport is changing, and how we communicate must do so too

Shared Space – Why the Fuss?

Embracing Uncertainty

A perspective from the ACT Travelwise Conference 2019

Smart City Planning

HSR: Procurement Drives Innovation

Technology, Work Patterns & The End of Peak Hours

The Changing Face of Transport Appraisal

The Healthy Streets Approach: What Does This Mean for Transport Assessments?

Developments in Power Systems

ITSO: Fulfilling the Ticketing Challenge

HS2 - Maximising the Benefits Through Housing

Predicting On-Street Vehicle Recharging Infrastructure Requirements: The OPOSRI Tool

Rethinking Transport Modelling

Big Data

Destination Growth: A New Future for Regional Railways in the UK

The MaaS Policy Feedback Loop

Our Mission As Transport Planners Is To Make Cities Enjoyable Places To Be

Independence Through Austerity: Travel Training for Those Most in Need

Hyperloop: Innovation Personified

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Young Professionals Conference 2017

A Peer Review on Fares Reform

Automated Tram Systems: Defining the Best Solutions

The MaaS Effect on the Business of Transport


Cycle Routes to Prosperity - Segregated Cycle Infrastructure and Property Value in London

Why Don’t We Take Walking More Seriously?

Transport Interchanges Are Places!

Mobility Techs Must Serve Public Needs’

Lessons From 10 Years of Smarter Choices

Leading Light

SYSTRA: Act Travelwise Headline Sponsor

SYSTRA and the Return of Trams to Aarhus

Digital Infrastructure and the Challenges of Railway Data Management

“Plugging the Gap” in Britain’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Network

Modelling Clean Air Zones

Social Marketing in Transport - Why and How

Transport, climate change and reducing carbon emissions

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