Transpennine Route Upgrade - Grip Stage 3

Transpennine Route Upgrade - Grip Stage 3


The Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) is a programme of several individual interventions to improve journey times between Manchester Victoria, Leeds and York. It consists of approximately 57 miles of railway.

The improvements to the railway are to be measured against a set of key project objectives:

  • Journey Time Improvements
  • Electrification
  • ITSS Commitment/Capacity
  • Operational Performance (Reliability of the Timetable)
  • Improve Safety
  • Improve Security.

The level crossings work stream also included the level crossings from Micklefield to Selby and was run as a separate parallel project. It therefore needed a dedicated Stage Gate closeout. The existing 37 level crossings were assessed against the known Project factors that could have an impact on each crossings operation and safety; namely the increased line speed, increased number of trains due to the ITSS and the potential for overhead electrification.

The SYSTRA dedicated level crossing design team initially reviewed the site specific design information that had been collated by the Project team. This information was used to inform the potential design options i.e. crossing closure (including replacement assets required such as overbridges, footbridges or diversions etc) and possible upgraded level crossing protection solutions.

The design information provided included:-

  • Suitable and sufficient Level Crossing Risk Assessments for all crossings taking into account the proposed linespeed increase, capacity increase (as per ITSS) and electrification.
  • Census of Train, Vehicle and Pedestrian Users at every level crossing.
  • Origin/Destination (O&D) surveys undertaken at key level crossings.
  • Diversity Impact Assessments (DIA) commenced on all public level crossings.
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