Sutton Coldfield HS2 Gateway

Sutton Coldfield HS2 Gateway

The Challenge

SYSTRA has been commissioned by TfWM to develop a preferred option and business case for a bus and rail gateway to Sutton Coldfield, its town centre, and Sutton Park. The development was driven by the following objectives:

  • To help deliver the aspiration for residents and businesses in the West Midlands conurbation to be within 45 minutes of an HS2 station.
  • To deliver a project which contributes to the regeneration of Sutton Coldfield town centre and the growth proposed in the Birmingham Development Plan (BDP).
  • To improve the attractiveness of Sutton Coldfield town centre by transforming the arrival experience and enhancing key areas of town centre public realm.
  • To significantly strengthen and improve the legibility of the public realm connections between the key assets of the rail station, bus station and Town Centre retail core.


Four candidate sites have been identified for a new gateway and thoroughly assessed to consider the above key objectives as well as other essential considerations such as land availability, cost, and project deliverability. One preferred option has been selected and refined after a comprehensive series of consultation events and workshops with local authorities officers and wider stakeholders to ensure that their comments are met and addressed. The preferred option reflects the prospective vision for Sutton that seeks to create accessible, connected, and sustainable network for pedestrians movement between rail station, bus interchange, town centre and wider context, which in turn will encourage walking, cycling, and the use of public transport. Public realm improvements proposed on Lower Parade and Brassington Ave would significantly help to create a pedestrian-focused environment, reduce congestion by converting Lower Parade into one-way traffic system (southeastward) with a provision of four bus stops on Lower Parade and introducing high quality surface material change and crossing points at critical areas on both Brassington Ave and Lower Parade which support pedestrian mobility and safety, and slow traffic speeds.

The scheme is the first step in the delivery of a masterplan for Sutton Coldfield town centre, and once implemented it will act as a catalyst for wider improvements and benefits in the area by attracting new investments which will positively contribute to the vitality and prosperity of Sutton Coldfield and surrounding neighbourhoods.

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