Southend Western Esplanade

Southend Western Esplanade

Project Scope and Delivery

The site of a former restaurant on Southend’s beachside Western Esplanade was proposed for redevelopment for retail/restaurant use on the ground floor residential use on the upper floors. The Esplanade fronts directly onto the Thames estuary and sea level rise is predicted to rise by more than 1m over the next century. This will lift the design flood level from its current position of just above footway level to part-way up the ground floor frontage in the latter stages of the development’s lifetime meaning that less severe flood tides will reach the frontage more often than at present.

SYSTRA’s Approach

SYSTRA identified where the proposed building design was needed to protect low-level entrances, and how safe access could be managed for the residential floors during a tidal flood. SYSTRA also produced an outline Flood Plan for the development to set out the evolution of flood risk over time and how flood management should evolve.

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