South Shields Town Centre Masterplanning

South Shields Town Centre Masterplanning

The Challenge
SYSTRA was appointed by Muse Developments, as South Tyneside Council’s development partner, and is working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to provide traffic and transport support for the development and implementation of a new masterplan for South Shields, as part of South Tyneside Council’s 365 Town Centre Vision.

SYSTRA assisted the feasibility design of a new bus and Metro public transport interchange in South Shields town centre. This work is the next phase of the South Shields 365 Vision Masterplan on which SYSTRA are providing expert transport advice. SYSTRA was involved in extensive consultation with the bus companies and Nexus on routing and potential layouts; undertook operational assessments of the proposals; assisted in the design of the interchange and the surrounding road network; and prepared the Transport Assessment and Travel Plan to accompany the planning application. Future phases of the masterplan include the development of new retail, leisure, office facilities and a Multi-Storey Car Park.

SYSTRA supported a planning for real exercise, where the proposed transport interchange was marked out in a car park and the operators drove their buses around it. SYSTRA also prepared a service delivery plan for the town centre. This included going door to door around all the premises and asking questions about their servicing and delivery schedules. This information was plotted to allow us to make recomendations concerning timed zones/TROS/loading areas etc. We reviewed the Councils TRO consolidation order and identified the specific orders that would need to de deleted/amended etc and provided marked up and text docs to assist them in the advertsinig/creation of new TROS.

SYSTRA prepared a town centre Vissim model that was used as an illustrative tool and modelled several junctions through standard modelling packages. During the third stage SYSTRA prepared and managed the submission of the S247 stopping up application for the town centre. The SuO process was challenged and addressed through public inquiry concurrently with the CPO process. SYSTRA prepared evidence for the inquiry gave evidence. The SuO and CPO process was approved.

Alongside this SYSTRA prepared a standalone TA/TP for the demolition and relocation of the existing Department of Work and Pensions building in South Shields town centre to mitigate the DWP objection to the CPO. The new DWP building would be located on an existing public car park and SYSTRA undertook extensive car parking surveys to inform a town centre wide accumulation exercise.

During Stage 4, SYSTRA undertook detailed design of the town centre and wider highway works to construction stage and assisted in the tender and appointment of a suitably qualified contractor.
SYSTRA provided engineering support including general arrangement plans and highway construction details. In addition to the above SYSTRA will undertake vehicle tracking checks and Stage 1, 2 and 3 Road Safety Audits.

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