Saint-Loup-De-Naud - Gretz/Troyes Line

Saint-Loup-De-Naud - Gretz/Troyes Line

Project Scope and Delivery

The OA No 13 is located in the town of Saint-Loup-de-Naud, in the department of Seine-et-Marne. The scheme relates to an existing tunnel which is approximately 105 metres in length. The works undertaken in relation to the electrification of the line include:

  • Demolition of the existing tunnel and its replacement with the construction of retaining walls (open trench).
  • The creation of a new shorter mixed crossing (large fauna and agricultural track).

Carrying out this work will lead to the right-of-way present being cleared and the loss of existing vegetation. The client, DDT, requested that this right-of-way and the existing landscape be restored and reforested.

SYSTRA’s Approach

SYSTRA were tasked to design a landscape scheme for the restoration and reforestation of the area shown on the adjacent images. It was proposed to replant the area to be restored/reforested with a tree and shrub mix organised as follows:

  • Combine a layer of trees and shrubs in order to meet the two challenges posed by reforestation in this location – 1. Ensuring that there is ecological continuity in the new planting design and 2. Ensuring that the existing landscape character is retained as much as possible.
  • Trees to be planted with a wide dispersed density of 1 tree per 10m2.
  • Robust and ecologically appropriate tree and shrub mix.
  • ‘Future proofing’ scheme which will integrate seamlessly into the existing landscape character over time.
  • Restore landscape character and ecological habitat.
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