Saint-Jean-De-Maurienne Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turn – TELT

Saint-Jean-De-Maurienne Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turn – TELT

Project Scope and Delivery

The challenge was to create a showcase entrance for the town as part of the new road junction and capture the unique surrounding landscape character of the town and the local industrial heritage.

SYSTRA’s Approach

SYSTRA were tasked to a create a landscape concept design for a new road junction as an entrance to the town. Landscape earthworks and ground modelling were introduced to represent and reference the surrounding mountains and valleys (Arve Valley and Maurienne Valley) that encircle the town of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. Like the mountains that make up the Massifs elsewhere in France, these proposed landscape earthworks will adopt varying heights without completely isolating drivers/pedestrians from the surrounding context. The proposed landforms will be enhanced further and accentuated with tree planting to bring vertical interest and rhythm to the design and white wildflower/bulb planting on the crests of the mounds to represent snow on top of the surrounding mountains.

The proposed landform will be enhanced further and accentuated with planting. In view of the RD1006 at the crossroads, a metal sculpture of a tree will be placed. This feature will echo and reference the importance that metallurgy has played in the industrial history of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. The sculpture will also create a strong landmark and point of reference for those entering the town on the RD1006. Overall, the location for the project has been reworked to showcase the magnificent landscape and industrial heritage specific to the indentity of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne.

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