Saint-Jean-De-Maurienne - Donges Railway Bypass

Saint-Jean-De-Maurienne - Donges Railway Bypass

Project Scope and Delivery

The project involved setting up a partial rail bypass at the Total Refinery in Donges due to divert a railway line away from potential industrial risks posed by the refinery.

SYSTRA’s Approach

SYSTRA were tasked to design the landscape earthworks and landscape mitigation associated with the railway bypass. The landscape design was organised into three major components:

  • Creation and modelling of landscape earthworks/landform using inert surplus material.
  • Revegetation of the site in accordance with CNPN measures to integrate the scheme into the character of the surrounding existing planting.
  • Fully integrating the whole scheme into the existing landscape character.

Being on the periphery of an urban, natural and industrial environment meant that the existing landscape was degraded to some extent. SYSTRA provided outcomes which included a landscape design that integrated new infrastructure into the existing city of Donges and its surroundings and an implementation of landscape design recommendations and measures defined in the SDAP (Wider Landscape Masterplan for the area) and the CNPN. Surplus material was reused for the creation of landscape earthworks and the local ecology was protected and enhanced.

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