Leeds RERF Project

Leeds RERF Project

Project Scope and Delivery

The SYSTRA Geo-Environmental Team were commissioned by Veolia and Leeds City Council to undertake the contaminated land study for the Leeds RERF project; and then later in the development scheme by Clugston Construction Limited to support in the management of geo-environmental issues as part of the construction works. The outcomes of the study were to be used by the Client to form the supporting evidence in satisfying the planning application in respect to impacts on human health and controlled water receptors.

SYSTRA’s Approach

To identify the potential risk areas at the site, SYSTRA undertook generic and detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments covering risks to human health, controlled waters and building/infrastructure. The outputs of the risk assessments enabled SYSTRA to review residual contamination risk and write the appropriate remediation strategy and verification plan for the Client to manage any significant risks posed by the site. Ground gas was identified as a key risk to the development. An extended monitoring period of ground gas conditions was undertaken to ensure the gas regime was fully understood.

As part of the construction works and in the implementation of the remediation strategy; SYSTRA supported the Civils Contractor to manage site won materials within the development to avoid export and import. A Materials Management Plan was developed in accordance with CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environment) guidelines to accommodate soils and concrete excavated as part of the design of the main facility infrastructure. Relocation of these materials was verified as part of the works to comply with the remediation strategy. A total of 21,000m3 of material was retained. This retention of excavated materials resulted in substantially lower material import/export requirements, with only <5000m3 exported and <7,000m3 imported. Transportation and waste impacts were therefore reduced, resulting in a more sustainable solution, providing cost and carbon footprint savings.

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