LATIS Transport Modelling

LATIS Transport Modelling

Model Overview

SYSTRA has been involved in the development and maintenance of the Scottish National Model (TMfS) since 2002. SYSTRA has complimented the LATIS model hierarchy over this period by developing four of the five regional models in Scotland and have supported the appraisal of transport policy and programmes.

The LATIS Models which SYSTRA has developed, comprise of the following elements:

  • Cube Variable Demand Model - including destination, mode choice, trip tours, LEZ Modelling, Parking, Bus and Rail Park and Ride, Airport and Heliport responses
  • SATURN Highway Model - incorporating all regional and local traffic routes within the simulation areas with external trips from TMfS
  • CUBE Voyager Public Transport Model – including Rail, Bus, Tram and Underground
  • Trip End Model – processing population, employment and freight data from the National Land Use Model TELMoS
  • Land Use Interaction – All Models can utilise the land use interaction between the Transport Model and the Land Use model to understand any land use changes i.e. Wider Benefits

Model Applications

Projects undertaken by SYSTRA using the LATIS models include;

  • M8 Ballieston to Newhouse and M74 Extension – Major road schemes aimed at relieving current and future congestion and improving access to Glasgow. This was supported with local operational microsimulation models using a multi-tiered approach. The models were used during construction and as part of the post-opening evaluation.
  • Aberdeen Cumulative Transport Assessment – Strategic modelling informing the development of the Proposed Aberdeen City & Shire Strategic Development Plan. The CTA study considered the scale and location of new development, planned transport infrastructure, future network impacts, and identified interventions with the potential to mitigate predicted impacts.
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