Lagos Quality Bus Corridors

Lagos Quality Bus Corridors


Lagos is probably the largest city of Africa with an estimated population close to 25 million inhabitants. Over 70% of journeys are made by public transport. Bus services are dominated by “danfo” minibuses. There is significant duplication of danfo routes, drivers change fares according to traffic and weather conditions. Conditions at danfo motorparks are disorganised and passenger information provided by conductors calling out destinations. The lack of organisation and sheer volume of danfos contributes to Lagos’ regular traffic jams.

Recent initiatives to regularise bus provision have been very successful in attracting passengers. The transport authority, LAMATA, has instigated high capacity single deck buses on a number of routes and is seeking further enhancements through plans for 13 Quality Bus Corridor (QBC) routes. Modern buses would ply the routes which would have bus priority measures and good quality bus stops. LAMATA is seeking financial support from Agence Française de Développement (AFD) for implementation.


SYSTRA was engaged by AFD to review and complement preliminary studies conducted by LAMATA, and prepare a consolidated pre-feasibility study and conceptual design for the QBCs. We worked closely with LAMATA’s experts and undertook due diligence to bring the QBC proposals to a level that was acceptable to AFD’s board.

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