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Isle of Man

The Challenge

Pedestrian Environment Review System (Pers)

SYSTRA Ltd has been commissioned by Highway Services, Department of Infrastructure, Isle of Man Government to undertake a Pedestrian Environment Review System (PERS) audits for the settlements across the Isle of Man (thought to be the largest of its kind).

The study was carried out to assess the coherence of the highway network for all users with a requirement to obtain evidence relating to the pedestrian network in order to support the decision-making process.


The project consisted of a four-week long walking audit of 15 settlements on the Isle of Man with subsequent reports, outlining particular streets whereby the government should focus their annual investment and future schemes. In addition, an overarching summary report has been put together, for the Island to compare similarities and differences between the settlements, and suggest next steps.

Scores were given based on the quality of parameters, including the provision of dropped kerbs, the presence of obstructions and the frequency of lighting on streets. Particular attention was given to those streets in the vicinity of education facilities, health facilities and settlement centres, which pedestrians would use most frequently. To provide a view of pedestrian conditions on the Isle of Man that is focused on the core education, health and local economic centre, a new scoring mechanism has been devised. Each amenity centre has been assessed using a circular buffer of 400m within which the weighted PERS scores of all links have been considered. This gives a set of scores that can be compared across settlements and individual amenities, and therefore can be utilised to compare locations across the whole island on a standardised basis. The amenities can then be listed in order to help with prioritising investment decisions.

Given the scale of this project, SYSTRA are now ideally positioned and possess a
unique skill-set to be able to carry out these audits all around the UK.

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