Halte de Montaudran

Halte de Montaudran

The SYSTRA Modular Platform was first used in the Toulouse region in 2009, with the creation of Halte Galliani, a new 2 platform station in the Toulouse suburbs. Use of the Modular Platform system enabled the new station to be created in less than 4 months, from contract award to official opening by the President of the Languedoc Rousillion Region, and without affecting passenger traffic on this commuter line into Toulouse.

When the re-development project at Montaudran was being planned, the project team at SNCF Reseau in Toulouse used their experience to recognise the benefits that the SYSTRA Modular Platform system would again provide. Of particular interest to them, was the proven benefit of constructing the new platform behind a safety fence, away from the danger zone created by passing railway traffic. This enabled their safety resources to be employed on other projects in the region, and allowed the contractor for the Montaudran project, Connexion Rail, to plan his work independently.

For the SNCF project team view, as noted above, the principal reason was to avoid use of safety staff which was (at that time) a scarce resource due to volume of other projects they were trying to manage. The construction costs using the Modular Platform were the same as for a traditional system, but without the additional cost and commitment of safety staff.

A second reason was that, in the longer term (several years ahead) there is a project planned to install an addition track on this section of line, which will require a realignment of the platform track. The ability of the modular platform to be adjusted or moved will be a benefit.

Key end client/customer objectives;-

  • Cost efficient.
  • Reduce programme time.
  • Reduce disruptive rail possessions thereby reducing need for SNCF safety critical staff.
  • Minimise on track time with resultant Health and Safety benefits.

Issues our client and the end-use customer trying to overcome?

  • Construction of a new platform with the least disruption to the normal rail services for both safety and cost reasons.

What problems were they trying to solve?

  • How to construct the platform with the least amount of work required in the “live” rail zone.

Benefit or value of undertaking the project;-

  • Increase visibility of the benefits of platform in a new market.

Deliverables which were unusual or particularly challenging;-

  • Delivering the project at distance during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Solution offered
SYSTRA Single Bay Modular Steel Platform together with GRP sheet surfacing.

  • Design of the platform structure.
  • Design interface with the overall design.
  • Fabrication and delivery to site.
  • Engineering and advisory support through the installation phase.

Areas of our expertise deployed on the project;-

  • Engineering design.
  • Knowledge the modular systems.

Why SYSTRA was selected for the project
Best overall offer taking into consideration;-

  • Cost
  • Programme speed
  • Mitigation of disruption to the rail services.

SYSTRA Approach
Delivery of the project

  • SYSTRA were given geometric parameters, i.e. length, width, height and gauge by the Client and designed the modular platform to conform accordingly.
  • Regular online meetings plus visits to France by SYSTRA Engineer ensured co-ordination of the design.
  • Design approved by Client.
  • Manufacture at SYSTRA approved fabricators in the UK.
  • Trail erections at SYSTRA fabricators to ensure fit.
  • Shipped to France for in-situ installation.
  • Attendance on site by SYSTRA Engineer and installation supervisor to aid and instruct installation.

Collaboration with other key stakeholders

  • Achieved via online meetings/face to face meetings/attendance by our France based agent.


  • The use of the NWR approved SYSTRA Modular Steel Platform.

How was the project successful?

  • Delivered on time.
  • Delivered on budget.
  • Significant reduction in disruptive rail possessions.
  • Reduction in numbers of SNCF safety critical staff.

Issues to overcome

  • Working at a distance in a different country.
  • Delivering during the Covid 19 pandemic.
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