Greenwich - London Low Emission Neighbourhood

Greenwich - London Low Emission Neighbourhood

The Challenge

SYSTRA was appointed by The Royal Borough of Greenwich to support the development of proposals for a low emission neighbourhood.

The key aims of the project were to promote and encourage walking and cycling, encourage use of local retail businesses and also provide clear entry points into the area.


To help deliver these aims SYSTRA proposed a hierarchy of public realm interventions.

Large scale improvements were proposed at two clear gateway points into the area. These involved altering junction layouts to provide public realm space and simplify pedestrian crossing movements. One of the gateways included the frontage to Greenwich Station which is currently a vehicle dominated forecourt. It was proposed that this should become ‘green’ gateway and ‘staying’ space.

Smaller scale interventions were also proposed along the main road to provide rest points and delightful ‘incidents’ to encourage people to access the retail offer and walk along the street.
The area has a lively community who have done some small scale improvements to the streetscape already. It was therefore also proposed that the community should be enabled to continue this work and a number of small spaces were identified for community led intervention.

The combined effect of the proposed interventions will be a significant improvement in the walking and cycling environment. It is also anticipated that the interventions will make the existing retail offer more attractive so that people use the facilities on their doorstep rather than travelling further afield.

Enabling and encouraging the community to work together in delivering small scale interventions will also help build community bonds and knowledge.

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