East Midlands Gateway Connectivity Study

East Midlands Gateway Connectivity Study

The Challenge

The High-Speed Rail station in the East Midlands is predicted to generate an additional 74,000 jobs and £3.99 billion GVA for the East Midlands Region. Around 10,000 of these jobs are located on sites adjacent to the HS2 station at Toton, known as the Toton Innovation Campus, with the majority of the remaining jobs created within the main cities of Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.


The East Midlands Gateway study, led by SYSTRA, has developed a multi-modal transport strategy that connects all parts of the northern East Midlands Region to the HS2 station, the jobs at Innovation Campus and the wider growth areas to maximise the predicted economic benefits of the High-Speed Rail network. The strategy ensures that the growth opportunities are fully inclusive of all communities in the area including the deprived areas of the East Midlands region.

The final £2.7 billion strategy includes:

  • A local active mode network
  • New rail lines, stations and service patterns.
  • Extensions to the Nottingham Express Transit LRT system.
  • Bus network changes including new services, bus priority and BRT routes.
  • Major improvements to the local and strategic road networks.

In developing the strategy over 70 scheme options were considered, as reported in an Options Assessment Report, which were filtered to a final strategy through a process of scheme evaluation which included:

  • Qualitative assessment against a set of agreed study specific objectives.
  • Outline engineering design to ensure deliverability and prepare outline costs.
  • Identification of the transport impact and potential patronage levels using the EM Gateway multi-modal model developed for this study.
  • An early assessment of the potential benefits of the schemes to provide an indication of the likelihood of achieving the benefit levels required to make robust funding bids.

The final study deliverable was a Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) consisting of the five Cases (Strategic, Economic, Commercial, Financial, Management) that has been submitted to Central Government for consideration.

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