Derby Air Quality Assessment

Derby Air Quality Assessment

The Challenge

SYSTRA has been working with Derby City Council to provide specialist expertise to ensure that consultation, engagement and communications with all stakeholders for the project is effective and appropriate. SYSTRA provided support to the Council and developed a Stakeholder Management and Communications plan for the project, which has formed part of the full business case submission to central government. The plan includes stakeholder analysis, communication tools and methods, and the detailed programme of communication activities.


SYSTRA led on the public consultation which included a city-wide survey, public and stakeholder events, development of marketing materials and local project branding. SYSTRA completed a full consultation report on the results and produced an accompanying report which included officer recommendations in response to any actions required to be taken forward. SYSTRA has ensured appropriate levels of consultation and communication have been conducted throughout the project.

SYSTRA has attended the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU) Communications Working Group, liaising with other local authorities and has been part of all formative discussions for the development of the JAQU Communications Toolkit and how this can be applied to air quality projects. SYSTRA has led on stakeholder communications as part of the role and worked to refresh the web content of the Council’s air quality pages. SYSTRA facilitate wider engagement with stakeholders relating to the air quality agenda and disseminate regular information regarding the Local Air Quality Plan. The communications plan that SYSTRA submitted to central government with the business case outlines how key health messages and the health reasoning for improving air quality as part of the Local Air Quality Plan will be communicated. The Stakeholder Management and Communications element of the bid was successful and was awarded £426,000 of funding.

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