Connecting Cheltenham Connectivity & Modal Shift Strategy

Connecting Cheltenham Connectivity & Modal Shift Strategy


SYSTRA has been appointed by Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) to produce a high level transport strategy to deliver modal shift in order to support the council’s pledge to make Cheltenham carbon-neutral by 2030, integrate new development into the existing transport network, and help deliver Cheltenham’s wider place- making agenda.

Connecting Cheltenham is evidence based, following extensive baseline data collection and analysis, and sets out the long-term strategy and delivery plan for transport in Cheltenham. The strategy endeavours to: accommodate growth including increases in travel demand, while also boosting sustainable travel mode share; improve accessibility and connectivity; maximise environmental, social and health benefits; and ultimately the strategy will inform Cheltenham’s inputs into Gloucestershire’s LTP review.


The strategy proposes six desired outcomes and four targets against which projects coming forward should be tested to ensure that the wide range of issues that transport impacts are addressed, not just those that can be measured. The targets include a mode share target and two ‘Vision Zero’ Targets. These ‘vision zero’ targets reflect the desire to set high long term aspirations for key areas of concern and then pursuing year on year progress towards these targets.

Six cross-cutting programmes have been proposed, including a likely broad cost envelope. These will deliver the aspirations identified in the outcomes and targets in order to create a Cheltenham of tomorrow that will be highly liveable and well connected through increased walking, cycling, and public transport use. The six programmes of delivery are as follows:

  • Strategic Connections
  • Liveable Street
  • Cycle Cheltways
  • Interchange and Public Transport
  • Behaviour Change
  • Technology and Information
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