Calthorpe Estate 50 Year Vision

Calthorpe Estate 50 Year Vision

Movement Strategy

The Challenge

Working as part of a multi-disciplinary project team SYSTRA’s Movement and Place team has worked on transport elements of a long-term vision and route map for the Calthorpe Estate in Birmingham.

The project is a high-level city planning exercise, in which we have developed and tested a number of scenarios for the future of the Estate, looking ahead up to 50 years. Given that timeframe, we have considered not only short-to- medium-term transport developments such as the arrival of HS2; an extended Metro; a new BRT (Sprint); a Clean Air Zone bordering the Estate; and increased capacity on the cross city rail line; but also about longer term trends and opportunities, including smart mobility and smart city trends.

The project, which was Estate-wide, also looked at specific opportunity areas in and around Fiveways.

Fiveways railway station is a key part of the transport infrastructure in this area, but currently relates poorly to the Estate and presents a disappointing gateway to it. The vision considers how Fiveways station could become both an important gateway to the Calthorpe Estate and also integrate much better with it.


The Estate is bordered by roads that sever the Estate from the City Centre and neighbouring suburbs. Reducing this severance barrier was one of a number of key elements of the movement strategies SYSTRA developed for this project.

SYSTRA also established a set of street typologies for the Estate, setting aspirations for streets that enhance its distinctive character, rather than detracting from it. Recognising the increasing pressures on the Estate’s current road network, and good and improving transport infrastructure it benefits from, we prioritised movement of people by all modes, enhancing resilience and seeking to unlock development potential.

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