Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow

Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow


SYSTRA are retained transportation engineers for the proposed redevelopment of the Buchanan Galleries retail development in Glasgow City Centre. The proposed redevelopment involves doubling the size of the existing development and the creation of a new 2,000 space MSCP which will replace the existing car park. The project is a significant challenge in a constrained City Centre location.


SYSTRA were involved in site selection, considering a number of different sites adjacent to the Buchanan Galleries which could support a relocated MSCP. SYSTRA constructed a Paramics microsimulation model to test the construction and development scenarios associated with the proposed development including City Centre Traffic Management Plans. This involved using outputs from LINSIG and TRANSYT to model linked traffic signal systems within Paramics.

The Paramics model was used to assess the impacts of relocating the MSCP on the city centre road network and to facilitate the design of the car park access junction. The model was also used to assess the potential viability and impact of temporary on-street bus stances during the construction phase of the development which could impact on one of the busiest bus stations in Scotland during the build-out of the development.

3D representations of the proposed development and existing buildings within Glasgow city centre were imported to the model in order to improve the communication of study findings.

The impacts of potential transport interventions was easier to appreciate for key stakeholders given that they were able to relate traffic conditions to the current built environment.

SYSTRA are undertaking an extensive exercise to address traffic management issues in the City Centre for an alternative car parking location while also looking at the design of the car park itself.

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